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When working for the University of Lincoln I had the pleasure of designing conceptual, high fidelity UI for a next generation digital learning environment (NGDLE). The project itself was born form the reviewal of the current digital learning environment, Blackboard.

Looking for a reimagined, fresh and clean design to pitch to university board members, stakeholders pushed me to explore my creative freedom. The designs that you see today are my vision of a landing and chat template that provides users with all the data necessary for them to comfortably pursue their student life.

Built in a modular component structure, the landing template would allow users to construct their “hub” in their own individual way; surfacing all the data that matters most to them. Chat functionality would allow both students and university staff to communicate in a collaborative environment, bridging the gap to from student to tutor.

As a student at the time, it was a dream to reimagine and design a piece of software that was very much an annoyance to my peers and myself. I found myself channeling this passion into producing what you see today; a pice of work that I very much value for its style and aesthetic.

Thank you for following me through the design process of Times Radio. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about this piece of work, or would like to see anything on show here in greater detail.