The Bikeshop

July 19, 2017

Just like riding a bike.

Upon joining uni September of 2016 after a year of doing nothing really productive in the ways of firing up any sort of creative drive, I was eager to get myself stuck into real code and get back on the bike shall we say. This came in the form of an assignment titled Web Authoring; a HTML, CSS and JS project designed to build web based language knowledge and to my dismay, certainly not design principle.

The brief was relatively simple: build a functioning website that serves as a platform for a small business with the features of X, Y and Z. So thats what I did! The following link is the result of my hours leaning how to do things I now find incredibly simple and trivial.

Building The Bikeshop was incredibly fun! Such small things would captivate me for periods of time I’m far too ashamed to say. Looking back on my fresh faced fresher self and shaking my head to his stress over so called bugs, looking at you media queries. But its fair to say I’m hooked now and have decided to take the plunge into a course which helps this development far greater than Computer Science can.

Interactive Design is just on the horizon.


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