I am a well-mannered, articulate and hard working designer who has more than six years in professional industry and possesses a grounding knowledge in computer science.

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I have worked with some amazing people during my career...

“Tom is an excellent communicator and empathetic collaborator. He establishes open lines of communication, actively seeks input from others, and fosters a supportive environment where everyone feels heard and valued. Tom's sharp communication skills and empathetic nature make him a joy to work with, and he has a knack for bringing out the best in his peers.”

Jorge García Rodríguez

Engineering Leader, Bloomberg

“We were heavily understaffed on the product side, Tom stepped up and beyond to fill the gaps in the organisation. Tom's focus went beyond designing great user workflows and solving users' problems. He showed strong curiosity about Rapid's business goals and leveraged that to inform his designs. I could always count on Tom to ask the difficult questions, to challenge if our approach was the most efficient way to test out a hypothesis.”

Yenny Cheung

VP of Product, Charles

Personal projects

At my foundations I’m a creative.

When not crafting digital products for renowned organizations, institutions, or startups, you'll find me immersed in creative briefs, whether they're set by the community or self-generated.

writing & Web platform

Inequality within algorithms and machine learning

Coming soon

Short film

A study into the theme of objects and objectification

Coming soon

Interactive installation

Making rave culture accessible

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